Official and regional Rotary magazines
Rotary International’s unique communications media are the official monthly magazine named The Rotarian published in English language by the headquarters, and 30 other regional Rotary World Magazine Press periodicals that are independently produced in more than 20 different major languages and distributed in 132 countries.

The first official magazine The National Rotarian, predecessor to The Rotarian, was started in January 1911. The first regional magazine was issued 1915 in Great Britain and Ireland.

The official and regional magazines are circulated to Rotarian and non-Rotarian subscribers in around 769,000 copies combined.

District governor’s newsletter
District governors publish monthly a newsletter reporting service activities conducted by the clubs within the district and various district level meetings. The newsletter contains also district governor’s message and lists also the membership and attendance figures of all district clubs. It is circulated to every Rotarian in the district.

Club bulletin
Rotary clubs issue weekly (or in our case, monthly) a bulletin full of Rotary news from recent meetings.  Aside from meeting information and the name list of club directors and officers, the club bulletin contains club president’s message, a summary of guest speaker’s presentation, club projects and service activities, upcoming events, announcements and reminders for the members.  It is circulated to the club members in digital form, as the club supports efforts on “greener environment” by going paperless and publishing the club bulletin electronically.  Our club bulletins are called Rotaword.


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  1. Malcolm Graham says:

    Oberon Rotary was instrumental in publishing a compilation of charicatures and their life story “in their own words” of approximately 40 Oberon citizens over 80 years old. Called “Living Treasures of Oberon ‘, the limited edition book of 2000 copies (many signed by the author, Mick Joffe) is availble from the Club for $50 + postage – We have some still available. If you would like a copy, place your order details on this blog or contact the Club as outlined above.

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