Club’s Accomplished Projects RY 2017-18

1- International Project – funding support for the Medical Mission/Health Outreach to a remote island in the Philippines called Caluya in Antique Province, accessible via domestic flight from Manila to Antique Province and then 3-4 hour boat ride to the island.  A team of 24 volunteers (consists of both local and from Australia) went through a lot of challenges to get to the island to conduct the Medical Mission on May 15-17th.  Total funds raised around $8000.  Total number of people served: 1,011.  Please see pictures on our Club’s Facebook page here.

2- International Project – Sending school books and science materials donated by Kiama High School (Kiama NSW) to schools in the Philippines, see pictures at our Club Facebook page here.

3-International Project Support Milking Cows and Goat Project in Kenya – The RAWCS Project Manager for this international project in Kenya was invited to speak at our club – Fr Jason Nyiri, when he visited his host Rotary club in Victoria last Dec 2017. His talk to our club had raised awareness and encouraged support for the project – attracted RAWCS donation from individuals. This project is sponsored by Rotary Club of Healesville in Victoria and as the project name implies – the community raise cows and goats – the funds raised are used to feed as well as put children to school in a small town in Meru County in Kenya. One rotary member and nonrotary guest made a RAWCS donation towards this project.

4- Community Project – “Car for James” – In Partnership with the Oberon Community the club fund raises to provide a fully functional service vehicle to a local Oberon resident young man (James Baxter), a 21 yr old with Muscular dystrophy whose current vehicle is not 100% reliable and his needs for transport grow with each year. Various raffles and fundraising gatherings were organized. Project was registered with Rotary Benevolent Society (RABS) and attracted tax deductible donation from various individuals and corporations. RABS matching grant of $10,000 from Dick Smith Foundation was obtained. The necessary funds of $80,000 was raised, vehicle was purchased and turned over to James Baxter in July 2017.  See YouTube video  clip about James Baxter here and featured article on Vehicle turnover by Oberon Review here and pictures of happy James receiving the vehicle in July 2017 in our club Facebook page here.

5. Other Community Projects – see ongoing Club Projects here re Planting 50 trees and upgrading Rotary lookout, Emergency Medical Information Books, Rotary Boomerang Bags, Daffodil Dawdle and Community Farmers Market stall.  Funds also been obtained from NSW Government in the amount of $14,800 to upgrade and build a new viewing platform at the Rotary Lookout – so watch this space, coming up in Rotary Year 2018-19.

6.  Youth Projects – see ongoing Club Projects here re RYLA, RYPEN and RYDA, and the Annual Foundation Scholarship at Charles Sturt University.  Funds also been obtained from Commonwealth Bank grant in the amount of $5,000 to organize a local version of Rotary Youth Leadership Workshop in Oberon – so watch this space, coming up in Rotary Year 2018-19.

7. Rotary Foundation and End Polio project – the club supported the Rotary Foundation and End Polio project by club donation and individual/members donating to the cause, likewise supporting Movie Fundraiser held in Bathurst.

8. Club Service Project – Vocational Tours – to avoid monotony in our club meetings, once a month, tour meeting is moved to a different place and we conduct an interesting vocational tour.  We have visited the Borg Factory, Oberon Correctional Centre, Oberon Police Station, Potters Needs Workshop, 705 Art Gallery, Waldara Farm, Rural Fire Brigade station, Oberon Village (Nursing Home) and Mason’s Lodge in Oberon.

9.  Club Service Project Monthly Fellowship – one of our dinner meeting every month is a Club Monthly Fellowship inviting various interesting Guest Speakers and inviting friends, guests and family to join our dinner meeting.  This helps promote awareness on various topics but also promotes Rotary to other nonrotarian members of the community.

June 2017:  How to Build a Vibrant Club by Rotary District Membership Director Joanne McRAe  of Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak.

July 2017:  RAGES (Rotary Action Group for Endangered Species) by DGN John Glassford, followed by another function  Christmas in July Dinner.

August 2017:  Caluya Island Medical Mission to the Philippines RAWCS Project by fellow Rotarian from Blacktown Rotary Nelma Galas

Sept 2017: Alternative Schoolies Program. by Michelle Duncan of Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak.

Oct 2017:  Spring Dinner at Tarana Cafe and Polio awareness night

November 2017:   Rotary PDG David Kennedy of Rotary Club of Blayney.

December 2017:   Guest Speaker all the way from Kenya Fr Jason Nyiri talking about the Milking Cows and Goat Projects that they do in Meru County in Kenya followed by our Christimas Party.

January 2018:  Joke Night at O’Connell Pub with Rotary Club of Bathurst East.

Feb 2018: Estate Planning and Wills. by Trustee and Guardian of NSW Representative.

March 2018:  Autumn Dinner with MP Andrew Gee as our Guest Speaker.

April 2018:  Talk on Chasing Dreams in Peru by Bev Cooney, OAM of Rotary Club of Bathurst.

May 2018:  Our big function to celebrate our 50th Club Anniversary “Bollywood Night” was held at Oberon Showground on May 19th.

June 2018:  Club Changeover at Oberon RSL on June 26th.

If interested to come to any of our interesting dinner meetings, please message us at