Paul Harris Fellows

Allan Adams Terry Gibbons Neville Kurtz  Graham Parker
 Sue Arnison Malcolm Graham Shafto Mawhood John Philp
Bruce Armstrong Hans Guldberg Doreen McCusker Geoff Rabbidge
Ron Burton Syd Harrison John K McCusker Bruno Rodd
Bob Conners Ron Hartland Kevin McGrath ** Steve Serong
Basil Gaggin Bob Hooper Pat Mulholland Julie Stott
Rae Gaggin  Phil Howell Bill Muldoon** Hugh Tregarthen
Beryl Gibbons

Ken Barwick
Mick Joffe

Grace Maano**
 Robin Toedter  Elizabeth Brotchie


** Holder of Sapphire Award


3 thoughts on “Paul Harris Fellows

  1. Trying to locate Steve Serong. We attended the Austrlian Police Staff College together in the early 1990’s. Have lost touch over the years.

    Many thanks.

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