Activities December 2012

  • The first meeting for December opened with the regular toasts, including recognition that Bill Muldoon joined but a few years ago on the 25th November. This was appropriate as several members had recently received details of his latest activities – purchasing a house in Tasmania – “a renovators delight Bill?
  • Oberon Rotary had also received quite a number of birthday wishes on their facebook page from rotary Clubs around the world.
  • An additional “toast” (in lieu of the formal grace) was recounted by President Malcolm – “To good food, good friends and the opportunity to serve through Rotary”. Feedback welcome.
  • Secretary Suzanne revealed some correspondence – Letters from several schools re presentation/speech night/day event support. In addition to the financial support , there was the view that the Living Treasures book also be distributed.
  • We have also received a copy (original with attached thanks letter missing) letting us know the winner of the Mitchell Conservatorium (Bathurst) scholarship to an Oberon student had been awarded to ……..
  • Julie circulated information about Rotarians for Fighting Aids – material many of us would have seen when Fred Loneragan spoke, and also notice of a meeting about the U3A (University of the Third Age).
  • David mentioned the visit to the High School of the James Ruse High Concert Band – all welcome.
  • Hans announced that he has been surreptitiously informed that the Daffodil Dawdle was selected as the Outstanding Event of 2012 by Oberon Council. Congratulations to all those involved in the event, – Brenda (chief organiser) , all those who opened gardens, collected tickets, cleaned rubbish etc etc. , and those who compiled the successful nomination – principally Brenda and Hans.
  • Malcolm took the floor (for a while) and mentioned: A great Christmas party enjoyed by all who attended; RYPEN – students lined up (3) but 2 were ill last Thursday (and, in the end, did not make it). However, the student from Oberon who did go had a ball! Discussion re Christmas hamper raffle.
  • Wayne’s 2 minute item concerned Santa mail – who would have thought it was treated as such a priority – but why not! We look forward to examples of replies, or form letters that really work.
  • This week is the Annual General Meeting – at Titania Motel. If nominated, or requested to accept a nomination, please seriously consider how you can help share the load of Club decision making, and also have your six penneth worth on how we (Oberon Rotary) can do good work – and enjoy it.
  • Brenda’s 2-minute talk last week: The Daffodil Story
    Her subject was very appropriate, since it coincided with the Mayor’s letter that the
    Daffodil Dawdle won the Community Event of the Year Award to be presented on
    Australia Day 2013.
  • Suzanne passed around thank you letters from the public schools of Hampton, O’Connell, Burraga and Black Springs. She also checked volunteers to attend speech nights and confirmed those who had been “volunteered” were willing. Also regarding distribution of living legends book for handing out at speech nights (remember to insert “Oberon Congrats” insert on fly leaf); Suzanne circulated a certificate of appreciation for the Australian Rotary Health – Indigenous Health
  • Robin asked if we were interested in raffling off another quilt next year – this question was met with a resounding YES.
  • Impromptu  2 minute talk – the President gave an overview on the merits of slicing lamb on the bone away from ones hand whilst making a quick sandwich. (Looks like our mothers were right! – if only we’d listened)
  • Positions for board – 2013-14
    • President – Wayne Keft
    • Secretary – Suzanne Glennon – Martyn
    • Treasurer – Brad Collins
    • Board members (Jobs to be allocated):  Celia Stocker, Gary Hart, Mathew Rattray, Sue Arnison, Brenda Lyon, (Malcolm Graham – ex officio as past president)
  • We were lucky to have Mathew Simmons from St Josephs Central School,  oberon to give us feedback about his experiences at the recent RYPEN event at Wagga Wagga. Matt seemed to have got a lot out of the programme and really enjoyed all aspects, the rock climbing in particular. He believes the confidence
    he gained with public speaking and presentation skills was instrumental to him being elected school captain at his school next year. Matt said he would be prepared to give similar presentations to year 9 students when the RYPEN nominations were called for next year in local schools to promote the
  • Graham enjoyed the recent presentation night at Oberon High School and was particularly impressed by the excellent results and high standards being modelled the OHS students. Hugh was delighted by the efforts Hampton Public School went to on their presentation night too.
  • We welcomed two individuals who had been invited to be Friends of Oberon Rotary – John and Sandra Lyle. Friends are people in the community who share the Rotary ideals, and the work. In time, Friends may wish to take a more active role in the administration of the Club – both with respect to time and finances. Meanwhile, we value their contribution to the work and play of the Club. Welcome John and Sandra. We hope you enjoy your time with us.
  • Kevin McGrath – interesting two mins about “local” store voucher scheme, and the value of tourism to all the community – not just directly but indirectly- was well worthwhile. Thanks Kevin.

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