Activities October 2012

  • First meeting of the month – Malcolm was off fighting fires, so Brenda Lyon stepped into the top job!
  • Graham Parker gave a 2 minuter that showed a long and interesting background – thus requiring a long 2 minutes.
  • Brad’s 2 minute chat showed why he is a great friend of real estate agents – particularly in “The Shire”. An entertaining geographical whirlwind!
  • Hans talk was excellent, and well received by all present. It was an enthralling factual account of his family’s world War II experiences, with all the elements of a good yarn – suspense, a hero, some lighter anecdotes – excellent Hans!
  • In an effort to bring the importance of mental health research to the fore, Australian Rotary Health will be holding a fundraising and awareness day in October, 2012. ‘Hat Day’ will be a day you and your Club can get behind as a way to promote the importance of mental health research”. Our club’s had ‘night’ went well and great to see so many and varied hats – from Isobel’s fascinator to Allan’s cancer care scarf fashioned into a pirate’s bandana to… the list could go on.  Excellent support for Australian Rotary Health; and raising both awareness and funds for Mental Health Research.
  • Suzanne volunteered to attend Oberon Council’s Australia Day Citizenship ceremony

Brend’s hat for our hat night


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