Activities September 2012

  • Pat Bird and Alan Cairney became members of Oberon Rotary
  • Robin’s 2 minute talk on  “places I have lived “ showed she is not the only raconteur in the Martin household – who would have thought she could recall the hospital where she was born. This was the first of 26 (?) places she has lived. Well done and thanks.
  • A short notice Rotary road trip to Hill End, where Mathew is in the process of selling a hotel, was organised for last Sunday. I won’t spoil the recounting of the success of the trip, but apparently a great time was had by all who could attend.
  • The club is provided academic scholarships to Oberon High School (already received thankyou from OHS)
  • And a music scholarship at the Mitchell Conservation of Music
  • The club will provide a flat screen TV to the Robey Centre
  • Honeywell Science School in December. Oberon RC is sending William Duggan along.
  • Isobel’s 2-minute talk last week. Due to the noise in the local Thai restaurant, it was difficult for many to hear Isobel speaking. This is her summary: “I talked about getting from Robertson (where she lived for the first 20-odd years of her life) to Oberon (1995) via England and Denmark in the 1950s – with numerous side trips to Indonesia”. (She studied the language in the 1970s and then taught in Northmead and Cromer High Schools for 15 years.) “About the fun and value of taking students to Indonesia and hosting exchange students.” While working as a teacher in England she hitchhiked to Denmark to see the Royal Danish Ballet in 1954 and incidentally thought she should meet her penfriends of eight years (we went to Australia in late 1958). This was incidentally after standing on London Bridge for 17 hours to see the Queen return from Australia. All she saw was a distant glimpse of a yellow dress!
  • Daffodil Dawdle. Great day, great weather. Many thanks to helpers Mathew, Wayne, Malcolm, Elizabeth, Tina, John, Celia Suzanne, Graham, Christine, Sue, and Sharan, Photographs by Hans & Brenda. The Oberon Rotary Club are grateful to Robin Toedter, John Martin, Barbara Mawhood, Kevin and Gwen Ryan, Glen and Marina Nicholson,  Stan and Sue Wicenciak, Brenda Lyon, John Lythollous and Rosalie Pollock for opening their garden. They are very appreciative of the assistance from the Oberon Tourist information Centre and Currumbena Nursery for selling tickets.

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