Activities January – February 2012

  • Partners night at John & Tina’s place to celebrated the achievement of 30 years in Rotary by Hans
  • Reflecting Rotary’s role as part of the Oberon community, the Club joined local residents and community groups in commissioning a paver which has now been laid at the local Common. This is part of Oberon Arts Council’s local history project.
    Catering at the Highland Steamfest
  • Guest speaker Amanda O’Brien – Amanda is the coordinator of the Oberon Community Centre – Her job involves linking the large range of agencies (government and non government) and programmes available for the community with individuals in our community who need the services, but may not know they exist. A corollary of matching help and needy locals is to liaise with other community groups to minimise duplication, yet ensure the appropriate assistance is made available to those who need it. Excellent talk, and her experience and enthusiasm for the task were clearly evident.
  • Vocational visit to Sargents Rural Supplies – owned and run by Alan Stapeley

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