Activities December 2011


Election of office Bearers for 2012-13

  • President – M Graham
  • Secretary – Suzanne Glennon Martin
  • Treasurer – Graham Parker
  • Board – Julie Stott, Wayne Keft, Brenda Lyon, Sue Arnison, John Philp.


  • Donated first of Mayfield distribution to buy 10 Orphan Rescue Kits – (appropriate with World Aids Day Dec 1, d9700 leading the charge up the Mountains of the Moon)
  • Chris Stott gave a presentation on the evolution of the Data Dot Company.  This covered the technology, the business development and lots of interesting anecdotes on the car theft “industry”.
  • Guest speakers – RYPEN attendees – Georgia Blinco and Alanah Bailey (and their mothers – Hillary and Jo) An excellent presentation by the two young ladies who attended RYPEN – a short talk, and power point presentation – with great photos. (see some more photos at )
  • Bob and Margaret Conners were presented with a framed collage of photos indicative of their great commitment to Oberon Rotary over many years. Malcolm also said a few words, and presented Bob (a keen numismatist) with a rare Liberian one cent coin minted in the date of Bob’s birth (1937). Bob and Margaret responded – they will be greatly missed
  • The club ran another successful Xmas raffle

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