Activities September 2011

  • Visited the Oberon Fire Brigade

  • We also starred in the Oberon Review again (thanks Malcolm!)
  • BBQ lunch for Classic Car club – at common
  • PDG Fred Lonergan and wife Rae visited the club and told us about his intended Mountains of the Moon walk – good luck Fred! Who will also be celebrating his 70th birtday on the walk! The walk is to raise money for Orphan Rescue Kits. (The Rotary Club of Oberon will raise money for ORKs by catering at the Mayfield open gardens over 3 weekends in October/November). One of the highest profile Rotary organisations RFFA (Rotarians For Fighting Aids) – check out the site and see the work done by this organisation.

  • John Philp attended the Apex changeover.
  • Guest speaker – PC John Gallop, Oberon Rotary’s nomination for Field Operations; Local Area Command category of the Rotary Clubs of NSW Police Officer of the Year Awards.

  • Guest speaker – Jo Barton, GSE team member to the Philippines last February, gave a good run down on her trip. Jo, and the other members, seemed to have been busy but enjoyed a great mixture of vocational and cultural experiences. One of the major issues she was confronted with was the large gap between wealthy and the poor – an eye opener for all the team.

  • Guest Speaker – Janet Poole – author of the book “How to Get Anything You Want – Just Like That!! Issue covered included: Create your own confidence; leaps of faith; why write a book; Summarised with the thoughts – Tell your brain what to do; Allow new ideas; Anything is possible; and Participate in life.

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