Activities November 2011

  • Mayfield Catering – last weekend
  • Guest speaker – Henry Bialowas spoke with the energy and detail of a true author. He had researched and written a book about the case of the insurrection, trial and hanging of 10 convicts (the Ribbon Gang) in late 1820’s/early 1830’s in and around Bathurst. A fascinating rendition of local history – if you want to know more, buy the book. “Ripping yarn”, Henry, and well told.
  • Mathew Rattray inducted as our newest (and youngest!) member – Hotel Services – sounds like a good person to know. Kevin Hansen his mentor.
  • Guest Speaker was Graham Parker – DVD of a wild nature reserve in Alaska – Mt McKinley – Denali National Park. Spectacular and interesting. The changes of seasons really are serious in Alaska.
  • Hathaway Cottage residents – the Rotary Club of Oberon hosted a visit to Mayfield Gardens, and provided a lunch for the residents.

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