Activities July – August 2010

  • Sue inducted her first new member for 2010, Suzanne Glennon-Martyn, and it is hoped that Suzanne is the first of many for the year 2010 – 2011.
  • Gary Hart was the club’s guest speaker. Gary bought some ‘Rotary’ books from the website and basically gave a book review of them – they sounded very inspirational and once he has finished with them other members would like to borrow them. One of them was on the “Membership of Rotary”. Gary cited some interesting statistics from it – including 20% of members in Rotary have been in Rotary for less than 3 years; overall 11% are women, but in Australia/USA it is closer to 20%; Clubs lose 40% of their members in the first 3 years of those members joining. The other books were “Frank Talk” and “ Good Manners in Rotary “ (which John P pounced on and used it to great effect in the cross fines session!). If you would like your own copy they can be found here
  • Guest speaker Mr. John Martin (Truthful) – spoke about a range of matters, but focused on local conflicts between early settlers and indigenous people – particularly tribal leader Windradyne (buried at property – “Brucedale”)…a real Peel underbelly story!
  • Catering for the Worldriderz event
  • Catering at the Oberon Farmers Markets
  • Wood raffles
  • Julie received a PHF
  • Photos of all the above activities can be seen here
  • Our club is often asked to do the catering at local farm clearing sales. This was one weekend where it certainly was ‘service above self’! Wet, windy and freezing! See the photos here

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