Activities during April 2010

Visit to RSL Museum
Meeting commenced at the RSL Museum where Bill Wilcox (RSL Sub Branch President) gave us a tour of the collection. The collection included some very interesting donations from residents and their families of genuine articles from members of the armed forces from Oberon. There was also a collection of replicas – many made by Oberon returned servicemen. Kevin McGrath donated a device to assist men roll their own cigarettes – once military issue. Bill Wilcox gave a good rundown on the role of Legacy in the Oberon Community – there are in the order of thirty Legacy widows in Oberon, as well as some families.

See for photos of the RSL Museum visit, wood raffles and guest speakers.

Ross Miller, Windsor Rotary Club, Nurseryman and local historian (of Windsor).
Ross Miller gave an interesting preamble to talk about his experience at Windsor Rotary Club. Suggested also look at what the Rotary Club can do for the member, as well as what the person can contribute to Rotary. (eg he recruited an 80 year old who has become a valuable member of the Club as well as becoming less housebound and lonely). He had a local area showbag- containing Windsor tourist info, as well as a good example of a local rotary pamphlet (his) and his Club’s Bulletin. His talk on the Macquarie years, and the impact on the “Macquarie” towns of Windsor, Richmond, Pitt Town, Castlereagh and Wilberforce, was of great interest. He had also been visiting local links with Macquarie eg Sydmouth Valley homestead. Hugh had introduced him to Mayfield Garden – like Hugh, Ross is an RAS horticulture judge.

Sue’s Beetle Drive – all funds raised went to PolioPlus (gold coin for each game played). We had too much fun to take any photos! The prizes were awarded to Gary – lowest score, Suzanne – highest score, Jill – neatest drawings (you should have seen some of the drawings – there should have been an award for the worst beetle!) and Bob C for being mathematical(?!) A great time was had by all!

The club held a wood chopping day to collect wood for our raffles.
Here are some photos –

Malcolm showed family snaps of his and Kate’s trip to Chile, Argentina, and Galapagos last January. Thanks to Kate for the technical assistance, and filling the commentary gaps.


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  1. What a great time we had doing our make up in Oberon.

    Thanks for the laughs and hospitality.\

    Brian Beesley (Gloucester ) on behalf of our Motorcyclists team

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