Guest Speakers August 2009

John Martin , the guest speaker, talked on tin mining in the early days of Emmaville – often recollections of his grandfather. Details can’t be recorded here for reasons of copyright, (and the note taker was attempting to video the talk for John’s grandchildren). However it was a great yarn of times gone by, rated G (for grandchildren), despite rumours off burning the joss house (the first one!)


Rotarian Mike Massey (thought that guy looked familiar), development officer with the Council , spoke on a number of things in the pipeline – Community FM radio – “Hightop FM”; lot of admin and technical work done, and looking to official airwaves launch next Australia day. Threatened “practice static broadcasts “from premises in main street – (will nearby business owner Bill pay him enough to keep the volume down?). The second topic was Oberon’s presence at Country Week – a big success with families and business quite interested in the local facilities and location. Potential industries may include hydroponic vegies, and fibreglass water tanks. The discussion ranged from all Mike’s topics to Telstra/CDMA vs 3G, and so on. Good presentation Mike.


 Tim Graham (distant relation to Malcolm Graham) who talked on his two and a half years as a volunteer in Vanuatu – the types of Govt funded volunteers, and also his experience of Vanuatu culture and people. Good pictures – thanks to Brenda for the screen, data projector etc. Thanks Tim for a short notice (but interesting) talk.



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  1. Taniqua Price says:

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  2. rotaryclubs says:

    Hi Everyone from Nuneaton Rotary, UK.

    With the celebration of the 150 years not so long ago, we produced a CD to commemorate the event. This was taken by a very well known UK Big Band and produced professionally, giving us something to pass on to music lovers around the world.

    We have now managed to get back all the ones that other Rotary Clubs had held on to since the event and have found that there are a few hundred left over.

    It would be most appreciated if you could pass on this message to anyone that you know who may have musical interests that may wish to purchase one. We have a separate website for the disc which is Rotary CD dot com.

    All proceeds go towards various causes within the Rotary foundation.

    Many Thanks and all the best for the rest of 09!

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