Royce Abbey Award


This Fund was established with the support of the 1988/1989 Rotary District Governors and is used by the Rotary Foundation to fund Cultural Ambassadorial Scholarships for primary producers, food processors, foresters and agricultural environmental researchers from developing countries to study agriculture in Australia.

Why is this item here?? Oberon Club has been informally approached to help with a PNG potential candidate to come to D9700 to study floriculture and leadership for app 3 months. She has been carefully selected by a Rotary Club in PNG, and there is a Grant in the order of $10,000 to cover her needs 

eg laptop, protective clothing etc. The club would need to find hosts for, say, 6 weeks, and a member would help organise the programme throughout District 9700 for the floriculture and leadership aspects of the Award probably in the larger centres.


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