Improving sanitation in Madagascar

  • To improve sanitation and fight waterborne disease, the Rotary clubs of Paris-Est, Val-de-Marne, France, and Tamatave, Madagascar, are teaming up to provide more than 900 septic tanks and water filtration systems to families in Tamatave’s poorest areas, Mangarivotra and Mararano.
  • The project is supported by contributions totaling US$100,000, including a $42,000 Matching Grant from The Rotary Foundation.
  • Other clubs and districts in France and the United States have also donated funds.
  • Charles de Talhouet, the project coordinator and a member of the Paris-Est club, says the new equipment will benefit more than 7,000 people in a place where a lack of sanitary latrine areas often exposes families to waterborne diseases such as cholera.
  • The organization’s staff will select recipients and instruct them how to use and care for the equipment. To foster a sense of ownership, families will pay a $6 fee for the tanks and water filters and help build, transport, and install them.
  • Setting up the septic and water filtration units will take about 18 months. During this time, the Tamatave club will monitor the work and communicate with its partners.

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