Hans star turn – A reluctant start!! “25 mins flat’ on Millennium Goals!

  •  International Project
  •  UN Millennium Dev Goals
  •  Climate change commplicating annd already huge task
  •  What doees this mean for the future?
  •  Make goals realistic

 Against a backdrop of a attractive scene off ice and ocean in Antarctic waters, Hans gave a comprehensive view of what, why, where up to and where to go now.
 Despite last weekend’s precipitation in Oberon, Hans reassured us the pundits are right – climate sceptics’ are on the wrong tram!
 Hans gave us some recommended reading :

  • Jeffrey Saachs, Common Wealth: Economics for a crowded planet, Allen Lane (20088) ISBN: 9788-1-846-140448 8 (Note: This may be the US edition, but Allen Lane is also part of the Penguin Group in Australia).
  • Mark Lynas, Six Degrees: Our future on a hotter planet, National Geographic, Washington, DCC (2008). ISBN: 978-1-42662-0213-1.
  • Mark Bowwen, Censoriing Science: Inside the political attack on Dr. James Hansen aand the truth of global warming, Dutton, New York (2008)). ISBN 978-0-525-950144-1.

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