Rotary Foundation Thought: Arch C. Klumph, Well-rounded Citizen.

This week’s Rotary Foundation Thought is about Living a Full and Well-rounded Life, as illustrated by the founder of our Foundation, Arch C. Klumph. From our archives: Arch had a great love of music. At age 18 he began to study the flute, and three years later he received a chair in the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. He played with the orchestra for 14 years and was a lifelong sponsor of it. “My heart is in music and my head is in business,” he said. Arch balanced his love of music and theatre with his professional business and dreamed huge dreams beyond Cleveland to the theatre of the world, with spectacular success. One of those dreams was The Rotary Foundation. Your contribution to The Rotary Foundation keeps Arch Klumph’s dream alive and fulfils the dreams of many people around the world who need our help.


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