Computer supplies pour in

  • Students from northern Tarn, France, are benefiting from computer equipment donated by the Rotary Club of Carmaux.
  • Collecting donated computer equipment for budget-strapped middle schools in and around northern Tarn, France, has become a central cause for the forward-looking Rotary Club of Carmaux, which is providing students with the tools needed to keep pace with fast-moving technology.
  • For years, club member Jacky Cathala, with the support of District 1700 (Andorra; France), sent donated computer supplies to underequipped Romanian schools that taught French.
  • “After visiting a few schools, mostly in rural areas, I realized [their] computer technology was almost obsolete,” Cathala says.
  • Seeing underprivileged schoolchildren at such a disadvantage motivated his club to help level the playing field.
  • Now Cathala and fellow club members spend hours networking with French organizations that are willing to donate old computer equipment.
  • Rotarians also coordinate with information technology specialists to ensure the systems are working and up-to-date.
  • Since its launch in December 2006, the project has delivered more than 180 computers and 24 printers to 40 schools.

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