New Country Added to Rotary Map

  • Members of the first Rotary club in the island nation of Kiribati spent a week in August celebrating its charter.
  • On 11 August, RI General Secretary Ed Futa, on behalf of the RI Board, approved a charter for the Rotary Club of Kiritimati, Line Islands, Republic of Kiribati, adding another nation to the more than 200 countries and geographical areas on the Rotary map.
  • “Rotary will have an important and positive impact on improving the lives of people in Kiritimati (formerly Christmas Island),” says club president Ruta Uatioa. “Rotary represents leadership, something we are excited to adopt here.”
  • The 35-member club, along with guest Rotarians from District 9920 and the United States, held its first official club meeting on 23 August, the kickoff to the weeklong festivities. As part of the week’s programming, Kiritimati club members visited schools and hospitals to assess potential projects.

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