Vocational Visit – April 2008

  • John Martin then gave a pretty comprehensive talk on the theory and his practice of cell grazing, using examples from his previous Dark Corner property and the current Oberon property.
  • In a nutshell, many properties were “overgrazed but understocked”, and cell grazing was a method of utilizing the available pasture to the fullest and also ensuring pasture has time to recover and grow to it’s potential.
  • While too detailed to cover here, the talk was of great interest to people with properties, or those who wondered what went on in the paddocks as they drove beyond the town boundaries of Oberon.
  • It also gave all members grist for the mill – ideas that while not new, may have seemed daunting to apply, but were made clear by John’s simple no nonsense method of explanation.
  • I missed the fine session and I didn’t pick up who won the raffle prize of chipping out thistles on John’s paddocks  (apparently provided by Bob Conners) – please come forward and claim your prize!

See the photo album of the visit at http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2001654&l=48a94&id=1286210997


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