Egyptian Rotarians have joined forces

Egyptian Rotarians have joined forces with a local charity to help families in a Cairo shantytown become self‐sufficient

  • The idea for the effort came from a group of young Egyptians who had been working with the Sohbet Kheir Organization to provide free meals to families in the shantytown.
  • Though they realized the importance of short‐term nutrition, they determined that Establ Antar’s residents needed skills to support themselves.
  •  The group presented a plan to the Rotary Club of Cairo‐Zamalek, which obtained support from the Rotary Club of Berlin‐Nord, Germany, and the project was born.
  • Establ Antar is a community of tiny, one‐room homes made of wooden boards and cloth, clustered around the historic Antar citadel.
  • There is no plumbing; water is delivered by donkey cart. “The conditions are quite desperate,” says Sohbet Kheir Organization project leader Yasmina Abou Youssef, whose father, Mohamed Abou
    Youssef, is a member of the Cairo‐Zamalek club.
  • “Rotary provided assistance, and now we are making a big difference.” • Volunteers paint the new schoolhouse, financed by Rotarian Mamdouh Badr el Dein to provide literacy

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