February: World Understanding Month

  •  Rotarians Carol Metzker of the United States, and Kathleen Boohene of Ghana, examine the vines growing on a tree at the Aburi Botanical Gardens during Metzker’s Rotary Friendship Exchange to Ghana. Photo courtesy of Carol Metzker
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  • Among the many sites they visited was a fishing village. “The poorest of the poor were there repairing wooden fishing boats and mending fishing nets,” says Metzker. “There was a crude facility and an open sewer that served as toilets for the villagers.
  • It was clear why Rotary’s work is so vital.”
  • Participating in a Friendship Exchange also is an ideal way to celebrate World Understanding and Peace Day on 23 February, Rotary’s anniversary.
  • And Rotarians now have a new resource to help locate an exchange destination.
  • The RFE Matching Board  provides a forum for districts to publicize exchange opportunities in their regions.
  • Launched in August, this Web-based publication is updated quarterly

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