• Last weekend the Rotary Club of Cowra sent 9 members to help clear the devastation left by the mini cyclone and floods on 21st December 2007.
  • The members helped to move tonnes of debris from fences, re-stood, replaced and repaired many kilometres of fencing.
  • The urgency is to reconstruct boundary fences so the farmers may get their stock back from agistment and to resurrect dividing fences to allow for crops to be sown and stock to be separated.
  • The devastation is over a large area and as you can imagine there are many kilometres of fencing to be repaired and/or replaced.
  • The Cowra Club was only able to do a very small proportion of this in 2 days work, however, it was a great weekend, with great fellowship and camaraderie from neighbouring farmers as well as other local community groups.
  • Its members are enthusiastic to go back again in a larger team to do more work for these deserving fellows.


If you are planning to assist, please contact me on 6345 0060  so I can co-ordinate the necessary arrangements. Con Bunnik, President, Rotary Club of Cowra / Co-ordinator of Operation Lend a Hand


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