Wired for Success


  • Brazilian Rotarians are using their professional skills to train at-risk youth for careers as electricians.
  • The program takes place at a community center run by Missão Ramacrisna, a charity on the outskirts of Betim, a suburb of Belo Horizonte in the mountainous southeastern state of Minas Gerais.
  • With a US$7,150 Rotary Foundation Matching Grant and $9,700 from districts 4760 (Brazil) and 5060 (Canada), Rotarians equipped a classroom with supplies and work stalls that mirror typical household electrical systems.
  • Oliveira and other Rotarian volunteers create the curriculum and teach. Missão Ramacrisna pays the tuition with support from the Betim city government.
  • That original group of 18 students graduated from the program in July.
  • As of late August, more than half had found employment as electricians.
  • When he mentions this success, Oliveira cracks a wide smile. “I don’t have words to describe how I felt when they graduated,” he says. “I just know it was marvelous “.

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