RAWCS – Guest Speaker Irene Jones

Irene Jones spoke about RAWCS. (Rotary Australia world Community Service)

  1. RAWCS is Irene’s area of interest as it makes significant contributions to communities in need.
  2. An example given was the devastation in the Oro Province of PNG from the cyclone named Guba. Contact was made with the Port Moresby Rotary Club (Ernie Lowberger) with the result that the Taree Club spearheaded a funds drive that saw $27,000 forwarded to the PM club. The Port Moresby club were able to distribute K50,000 worth of goods direct to the villagers. More assistance is required for bridge rebuilding and the purchase of building materials.
  3. The projects for overseas assistance are changing with a much greater complexity in working with the local governments. Rotary will not allow funds to be distributed where there is a high chance of corruption. E.g. Sri Lanka had their allocation of funds for relied from the Boxing Day Tsunami diverted elsewhere as Rotary was not satisfied with the financial arrangements.
  4. Basic projects are still required but Rotary will no longer supply or erect buildings. Water and education are two of the most basic needs.
  5. Natural disasters require immediate and concentrated action. The Shelter Box programme is proving invaluable in this respect.
  6. Insurance cover for Rotarians is proving difficult in some countries due to political instability. A thorough risk assessment is now required for all projects. Rotarians also need a good understanding of the local people and their practices before involvement as it is easy to make an inadvertent mistake which can prejudice the entire project.
  7. The Eastern Regional Committee of RAWCS has a good support base and planning tools. Thorough planning is necessary before commitment to an overseas project.
  8. A “Guidelines for Volunteers” is being organised to help with a good understanding of the requirements and responsibilities.
  9. The Club was advised to try for matching grants for any RAWCS projects such as Tanna.
  10. The Grenfell August conference of RAWCS is a good place to learn how the grants process operates.

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  1. Evan Iliadis says:

    “Basic projects are still required but Rotary will no longer supply or erect buildings”.

    Finally!! Some one got it! That’s what I’m fighting for and sacrificed my membership for the cause! The “contractors” I’m fighting are from within not from Sri Lanka.

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