Xmas Party 2007

This year Bill and Kevin out did themselves – if that is possible!

We initially had lunch at the Secret Creek cafe – see http://secretcreek.info/

This overall aim of the Secret Creek Cafe is to support the Secret Creek Sanctuary – where they are raising endangered species such as quolls.

Then we went for a 4WD to the Secret City. And it was definitely 4WD – we nearly disappeared in some of those pot holes!

 A great day!

Here are some photos!


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2 Responses to Xmas Party 2007

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Oldies”? My dear Sir, if my Mother was still alive she would wash your mouth out with Sunlight Soap. ( Can one still buy Sunlight Soap?).

    What you were observing was a collection of distinguished senior citizens within whom there is a considerable body of wisdom.

    Oldies Indeed!!!

  2. unknown says:

    Who is the bunch of oldies????

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