Rotary Club gets historical signs grant
Posted October 10, 2007

  •  A local historian says a new interpretive sign project in Longreach, in central western Queensland, will help encourage the community to celebrate its rich history.
    Yesterday, the Federal Government announced a $26,000 grant for the Rotary Club to develop 14 signs that tell the town’s history.
  • The $54,000 project will be completed in conjunction with an $80,000 upgrade of the town’s main street by Longreach Shire Council.
  • Lead project historian Peter Forrest says it will be a great thing for tourists and locals.
  • “It will enable a tourist, a visitor, to come in here and get an overview picture straight away of the sequence of evolution of this town,” he said. What we’re hoping of course is that when local people who take their history for granted see the interest from visitors, they’ll think ‘maybe we should have a look too’.”

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