RAM (Rotary Against Malaria) Adopt a Village Program


  • In Papua New Guinea.Malaria is a fact of life for the average person and sees more than 1.2 million of them struck down each year. Our aim is to halve both the morbidity and mortality of malaria over the next five years.
  • Although the first contributions under this initiative commenced on 3 September 2003, the actual “Adopt A Village” (AAV) Program was developed for Papua New Guinea (PNG) at the initial annual RAM Conference in Brisbane in June 2004. Contributions increased significantly thereafter.
  • The program was extended to the Solomon Islands (SI) in April 2005. Even though the records commenced with effect from September 2003, significant contributions towards the work of RAM had been made since the mid 1990’s. All those who have been involved in the program, including clubs and individuals, can be justly proud of the successes achieved through the development of this initiative including the RAM Chairman in PNG PP Ron Seddon and his team without whom the initiative could not have achieved the significant level of success being experienced.
  • The AAV program is a real success story that is the envy of many people in other parts of the world. At 30 June 2007, a total of A$511,891.99 has been contributed to the AAV program.
  • When you adopt a village in Papua New Guinea you know that you will almost certainly save a life but you will also improve the life of every person that is given the opportunity to sleep under a treated net.

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