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DG John Egan on his current round of visits to clubs has put out a general plea for individual members to join District 9700’s Centurion Club. I would like to endorse DG John’s request. It makes those who join part of a world community of concerned individuals though direct partnership in The Rotary Foundation (TRF).

The Rotary Foundation has become one of the world’s foremost agencies of humanitarian services and global goodwill. The Foundation has saved lives, alleviated hunger, relieved suffering and improved living standards. When I think of the programs of the Rotary Foundation, I am struck by a common theme. All are focused on the future; a world without polio, hunger, suffering or war, a world of cooperation, understanding and fellowship.”

So wrote PDG John Louttit, District 9710’s TRF Chair in 1999, introducing the Centurion Club to his District. The Club extends the opportunity to support TRF from clubs to individual members. I was first introduced to the Centurion concept by PDG Peter Walsh of our own District 9700 at the 1999 District Conference and have been a Centurion ever since.

Peter and his wife Helen were tragically killed in a Rotary flying crash in Canada in 2005. Isobel and I were friends and I can’t think of a better way of honouring their memory than to help promote the Centurion idea, and ask my fellow Rotarians to join.  Click here to read more about Peter and Helen’s contribution to Rotary.

TRF is Rotary International’s worldwide fund-raising body and through the system of matching grants can assist clubs and districts for international humanitarian projects (like our ongoing activity in Vanuatu?).

Centurions are asked to donate $100 per annum (or more) to TRF. This amount will give sight to two people in India, help furnish a classroom in Africa, or provide mosquito nets for a village in the Pacific.

Your accumulated contributions are recognised towards a Paul Harris Fellowship, yours to recommend for someone when you reach the equivalent of $US1,000 or to add to the club’s TRF contribution to allow it to nominate a Paul Harris Fellow. Moreover, your contribution is tax deductible.

So I ask every member to join me as a Centurion. Your contribution of less than $2 per week will do a world of good.

PDG Nevin Hughes is the current coordinator of the Centurion Club of District 9700. Please contact me (esi@lisp.com.au) or Nevin (hugs@westserv.net.au) for further information.


Centurion Membership form is downloadable from this link

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