International Day of Peace.

Friday is the International Day of Peace.

The International Day of Peace has brought together more than 2000 organizations, mobilizing what UNESCO has called The GLOBAL MOVEMENT FOR A CULTURE OF PEACE.

PEACE is more than the absence of war. It is about transforming our societies and uniting our global community to work together for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world for ALL.” For more information, visit

Rotary also plays its part in promoting peace. There are the Rotary Centres for International Studies in peace and conflict resolution. In addition there is the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program

The Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program was established to provide professionals from around the world the opportunity to be trained in conflict resolution and mediation strategies and to become better equipped to help prevent and resolve conflict, as well as foster policies and create settings that ensure peace, worldwide. Offered in English, the program is aimed at mid- to upper-level professionals in governments, nongovernmental organizations, and private corporations. Beginning July 2006, the intensive three-month course housed at the newly established Rotary Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand will accept up to 30 program participants per session for two sessions per year. Each session will include both academic learning and practical fieldwork components. The program aims to:

  • Inspire people to work for a culture of peace and tolerance while enhancing their capacity, knowledge, and skill to do so, in part by generating interaction between practitioners and academics
  • Provide advanced international educational opportunities for Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program participants chosen from different countries and cultures on the basis of their potential as leaders in government, business, education, media, and other professions
  • Provide a means for The Rotary Foundation and Rotarians to increase their effectiveness in promoting greater tolerance and cooperation among peoples, leading to world understanding and peace.

The program is funded through the generosity of Rotarians worldwide with additional fellowship support from the Embassy of Switzerland in Thailand.
To meet the 23 participants from 14 countries make up the third group of participants taking part in the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program, visit . They come from all walks of life, with backgrounds in government, nongovernmental organizations, and education, among other fields

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