What is Group Study Exchange (GSE)?

http://www.rotary.org/foundation/educational/gse/index.html The Group Study Exchange program is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for business and professional men and women in the initial years of their careers. The program is designed to develop professional and leadership skills among young people to better prepare them to address the needs of their communities and an increasingly global workplace.

What constitutes a GSE team?

  • 1 Rotarian team leader who is not the current DG, immediate PDG, or the DGE and
  • 4 non-Rotarian team members who are:
    • Between the ages of 25-40 
    • Currently employed, with 2 years of experience in their chosen profession 
    • Not lineal descendants or spouses of Rotarians

District 9700 is calling for candidates to go to the UK. If you know of any possible candidates, please let us know!


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