Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)

Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd is a ‘not for profit’ company operating by the Rotary International Districts of Australia.
RAWCS is a Non- Government Aid Organisation registered with AusAid and the Australian Tax Office.

    • Donations made to RAWCS. Ltd. Overseas Aid fund are tax deductible.
    • RAWCS Ltd is a structured organisation spanning the whole of Australia.
    • Australia is divided into 5 Regions, these are Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western and Central.
    • Each Region is responsible for the management of RAWCS efforts in support of the Rotary Clubs and Districts within its boundaries.

The aim of FAIM is to provide the expertise and labour to carry out the programs of the other RAWCS committees. These activities may involve Rotarians and non Rotarians from our District and Nationally.

  • Pacific Training Aid
    Many clubs participate in this program with nurses and others from PNG, the Solomons, Thailand and Vanuatu. A number of Australians also visited these places as on-site trainers. We have developed this program in Tafea bringing Nationals to Australia for training and sending experts from Australia in various fields to train Nationals in Tafea.
  • Rotarians Against Malaria each club is encouraged to “adopt a village”. This involves purchasing and installing sufficient impregnated mosquito nets to provide protection for an entire village. Clubs decide on the size of the village they want to adopt and therefore how much to donate.
  • Safe Water Saves Lives Again, materials and equipment may be donated and teams sent to Tafea to improve the infrastructure in villages.
  •  FAIM – Fourth Avenue In Motion. Rotary Volunteers Send a team, or if not enough interested members are in your club, combine with other clubs. An individual can contact our District FAIM co-ordinator if they wish to go on a trip and that individual will be put in touch with others wishing to form a team. Consider inviting non-Rotarians, particularly builders, electricians and plumbers and also sending apprentices, perhaps at the Club’s expense.

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