Wood Raffles

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The Oberon Rotary club regularly runs wood raffles in the main street of Oberon. Wood raffles are a major source of the club’s funds.  During last year the club promoted and assisted in many activities for the youth of the area, including sponsoring students to both the Honeywell Engineering Summer School and the Siemens Science Experience. It continued its annual sponsorship of prizes for schools in Oberon and surrounding areas, and sponsored the equestrian teams from Oberon High School and St Josephs this year. The club sent a team to Model United Nations Assembly. The two high school girls were allocated Kenya as their country and successfully put a resolution to the ‘UN General Assembly’ event that was held at Forbes. The club also sponsored an attendee, John Causer, to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards programme. Another project – the ‘Why Try’ programme that was jointly funded by the Oberon RSL and Oberon Rotary, a pilot was successfully implemented in the Oberon High School. One of the highlights of the year was our participation in the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness programme. All year eleven students from Oberon High School attended the programme that was held at Mt Panorama. Collecting wood for the raffles is also fun! The club organises collections a couple of times a year on a member’s property. The activity involves team work and a lot of hard work. We must not forget to mention the delicious morning teas that are provided as well!

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Wood gathers!


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