March is Literacy Month

This month we distributed the dictionaries to all grade 3 students in our district. The Rotary district 9700 raised funds to be able to do this by publishing a recipe book of all our favourite recipes (there are lots of yummy ones!)
Aiden handing out dictionaries at St Josephs
Bob handing out dictionaries at O’Connell PS
Graham handing out dictionaries at Oberon PS

From the DG newsletter:
There is a large proportion of the world’s population who cannot do what we believe is normal – Read or write in any language. Imagine how isolated you would feel. As an illiterate, all information you receive would be by word of mouth, and that word of mouth can be any individual’s slant on their interpretation of that information.

Those areas of the world where poverty exists are also where illiteracy is greatest. They go hand in hand! Abject poverty, coupled with illiteracy, forms a breeding ground for radical groups to cause unrest and so furthering their aim, whatever that might be.

To reduce isolation, unrest and give these people some little dignity, those of us who are literate and expect it as a normal part of life, should be able to provide assistance without disturbing our lifestyle to any great degree. If we are to hand this world on to our offspring in a better condition than it is today, then we need urgently to do something today to improve the world around us by a very basic means and that is reduce illiteracy!

Our own district has hopefully made some difference by the wonderful effort of raising funds through the sale of “Kitchen Favourites from Rotary D9700” recipe books. This has enabled the purchase of over 3000 Dictionaries for distribution to all Year 3 public school students.


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