Xmas Mystery Tour 2006

Admiring a pond of water at Rockley!
Morning tea at Rockley
Carcoar is a town in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia, in Blayney Shire. It has a population of almost 400. It is situated just off the Mid-Western Highway 258 km west of Sydney and 52 km south-west of Bathurst and is 720 m above sea-level. It is located in a small green valley, with the township and buildings on both banks of the Belubula River.Carcoar was once one of the most important government centres in Western New South Wales. The town has been classified by the National Trust due to the number of intact 19th-century buildings. Carcoar is a Gundungura word meaning either frog or kookaburra. carcoar1_2.JPG 
Lunch at Carcoar in the fire shed

Visit to the Old Courthouse at Carcoar

Visit to the Old Courthouse at Carcoar

Errowanbang Woolshed is one of the most interesting woolsheds of the Central West region of New South Wales. It is perhaps unique in Australia in being built over four levels creating a complex but highly functional structure where each stage of the shearing and sorting process from penning the sheep to sorting, baling and storing has its own distinctive space.

With 40 stands, Errowanbang Woolshed is one of the largest woolsheds in the region. Of these stands, 26 have never been adapted for mechanical shearing, providing clear evidence of two major phases of shearing practices in Australia. The original stands retain virtually all of their original fabric providing a clear picture of   the working of hand shearing. Names painted on the stands provide evidence of some of the well known shearers who worked at the station in the nineteenth century.

Designed by Watts, and one of a number of woolsheds designed by architects in the late nineteenth century, the quality of workmanship in the construction of Errowanbang Woolshed is probably unsurpassed in Australia. The massive stone piers supporting the trusses over the sorting area have contributed to the long term stability of the shed. Internally, details such as the stop chamfers on all corners of timberwork where wool is being moved, good quality hardware and mitred corners of timber flooring show an unusually high attention to detail in what would elsewhere be a utilitarian building.

The penning wings of the shed are unusual in including a plunge dip and draughting yards. The incorporation  of a plunge dip within the woolshed is possibly unique.

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