• The program was excellent. The Oberon Hisgh School sent a letter of thanks to the Oberon Review.
  • The program consisted of 6 sessions – alcohol, accidents, aftermath of accidents, costs of running a car, driver aware and legal details relating to cars.
  • More information can be found at http://www.ryda.org.au/
  • The RYDA Program targets “awareness” and “attitudinal change” and seeks to encourage young people, year 11 students, who are on the verge of driving or at least who are actively thinking about it, to take a more responsible attitude to motoring. The inclusion of passenger empowerment (and not driver strategies alone) is an example of the broad approach to the course content. Comprising six sessions, it is a one-day event held at a non-school site. It co-ordinates the efforts of local road safety experts, driving instructors, the Police, recovering victims of road crashes, drug & alcohol educators and financial services personnel in such a way that students are made aware of the privilege and responsibilities of owning and driving a motor vehicle

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  1. What is RYDA?
    Rotary Youth Driver Awareness Australia Limited (RYDA) is an initiative of the Rotary Clubs of District 9680 (covering the area from Sydney Harbour north to the Central Coast). RYDA is an organisation that has developed a program to help educate young people about road safety as they approach the period in their life when they start driving a car and ride as a passenger in a car driven by one of their peers.
    Our guest speaker this week is Guest Speaker Greg Madden – Director of the RYDA programme in Bathurst

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