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From as recent as today and as far back as nearly seven years, it has been brought home to all D9700 Rotarians, (and other Australians), how much suffering lack of water can cause. It is now a little more understandable how water problems, combined with the added problems of literacy, health and hunger in some countries, cause so much grief on an ongoing basis. For people in some countries there has never been any relief in their lifetime! Since Past RI President Arch Klumph announced that Rotary would accept endowments in 1917, The Rotary Foundation has co-operated with clubs, districts, Non Government Organisation’s, (NGO’S) and Governments around the world. Together with the United Nations they are trying to improve life and give benefit to humanity. Contributions to the Rotary Foundation were not significant until the death of our founder Paul Harris in 1947. At this time Rotarians began to contribute large amounts to honour his memory. Since then The Rotary Foundation has provided more than $2 billion for projects in excess of 166 countries, with the greatest and most recognised project being Polio Plus. It shows that we do support our own charity – The Rotary Foundation.
To understand The Rotary Foundation, (TRF) a little better, we should continue to ask ourselves the following questions:

1. How do we fund Polio Plus –from TRF Donations
2. How do we fund Group Study Exchange, (GSE), – from TRF Donations
3. How do we fund matching grants – from TRF Donations
4. How do we fund Health, Hunger and Humanitarian Grants – from TRF Donations
5. How do we fund Ambassadorial Scholars – from TRF Donations
6. How do we fund University Lecturer Exchange Scholarships – from TRF Donations
7. How do we fund School Teacher Exchange Scholarships – from TRF Donations
8. Do you know that TRF Donations also fund Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies and Scholarships?

I’m not sure if every Rotarian is also aware that 50% of all donations to TRF Annual programs is returned to the district from whence it came, (after three years of investment) and can be used for local and world projects.

More can be read about the Rotary Foundation here

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