Visit to Bathurst Gaol

16 November 2006, meet at Gaol at 6 pm. Meeting is Oberon club only (not joint with Bathurst East), as they can only fit 20 or so people in. We need each person to sign a letter before being admitted. More details at next meeting (9 November).

Gaol liaison: Barry Parsons from Bathurst East. 

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3 Responses to Visit to Bathurst Gaol

  1. Malcolm Graham says:

    Congratulations to you on your great organisational effort for RYDA. It ran exceptionally smoothly, and the impression it made on the Oberon students was ” a great fun day – with some very good messages (followed by why don’t we learn this at school)” . One student wrote, on behalf of the group, to the local paper extoling the virtues of the RYDA programme and Rotary in general for organising it. Thanks, and the students cetainly hope it is available to their age group next year. Well done

    Malcolm Graham
    AG Group 7
    District 9700

  2. PP Greg Madden (PP, RC of Grenfell, 2000-2001) says:

    This is a bit embarassing! I did not read the date on the header until after I had pressed ‘send’. I hope you all enjoyed the visit.

  3. PP Greg Madden (PP, RC of Grenfell, 2000-2001) says:

    Hi Oberon! Good to see you getting out and about! Your Club’s support of RYDA in Bathurst recently was outstanding. I hope with a little fine tuning and this year’s experiences that we can do it again, and do it better, next year.

    I was part of a group including the American GSE Team which last year visited the Bathurst Gaol. This visit was also arranged by PP Barry Parsons. I have only lived in Bathurst about 2 years now, so I had never been near a gaol before- and after the experience I certainly don’t want to go back again, except on my own terms.

    I can thoroughly recommend the visit as a thought-provoking and challenging experience, made all the more valuable by the input of people like Barry and the other staff. I hope as many of your members as possible attend.

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