Literacy Project District 9700 Recipe Book

  1. Club Coordinator to collect at least 3 recipes from each Rotarian and/or partner (our coordinator is Malcolm – please send recipes to

  2. Club members or partners to email recipes in Word format to Club coordinator (to

  3. Club coordinator to receive and send recipes to AG Malcolm Graham in bulk (by e-mail) by say, 5th of September, so he can forward them on to Maria by the 8th September, 2006 (5th is NEXT MONDAY!)

  4. Each recipe to be set out with :-

    1. Ingredients – metric if possible

    2. Method – in simple step form eg 1,2,

    3. Name of contributor and Club

  1. Club to find $100 sponsorship to cover printing costs (sponsors mentioned in the book)

  2. Send $100 to Geoff Tancred (District Treasurer) with sponsor’s name to PO Box 955, Orange NSW 2800 by September 8th, 2006.

  3. Recipe books should be ready for sale by late November or early December (for Christmas presents)

  4. Sale of recipe books will enable purchase of DICTIONARIES for every 3rd class student in our District 9700.


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2 Responses to Literacy Project District 9700 Recipe Book

  1. Malcolm says:

    Please forward recipes to Christine P at the address


  2. Malcolm says:

    Thanks to those who have taken the time to send in some recipes. They are a varied lot (the recipes), and provide an interesting insight on the providers. If necessary, I will get them into word format, (but not do conversions – what is metric for a “pinch”) It’s still not too late for your favourite (or even your easiest or shortest) to be included.

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