In Rotaword August 24th 2006

Rotary News from around Australia

Rotary team to the rescue
Wednesday, 23 August 2006
LAURIETON Rotary Club is sending a team of seven volunteers to the small pacific island of Tanna, in Vanuatu, to assist in the repair and rehabilitation of Lenekel Hospital and it’s facilities, damaged in a cyclone.

Men face diabetes risk
By TENEILLE WATSON Wednesday, 23 August 2006
WITH 64 per cent of men in the South West at risk of developing diabetes in the next few years, a Bunbury health expert is urging men to become proactive about their health. She already has Rotary Club members on the treadmill as they compete in a year-long interclub competition. “The club that is able to reduce their body mass index the most will win a trophy,” associate professor Aoun said.

Hand made from the heart
Wednesday, 23 August 2006
A SMALL group of women in Armidale are making a world of difference for an island state in the Pacific which by Australian standards is incredibly poor.
The Quilters and Patchworkers of New England have been busy making quilts for babies at Lanakel Hospital on Tanna Island, Vanuatu. Quilters and Patchworkers president Joyce Durey initiated the project after seeing first hand the challenges at Tanna through her involvement with the Armidale North Rotary Club

Rotarians swing into action
Ken Matts Thursday, 17 August 2006
THE Rotary Club of Albany is seeking corporate partners to help make dreams come true for local disabled children. Rotarians want to raise $25,000 to purchase a Liberty Swing, designed for use by children with disabilities who are confined to a wheelchair

Mid Life Crisis
I have been married 35 years, and I took a look at my wife one day and said:  “Honey, 35 years ago, we had a cheap apartment, no car, no TV, no money and slept on a sofa bed – but I got to sleep every night with a hot, good looking, 20 year old.  Now we have a beautiful house, two nice cars, king size bed, money and a 107cm flat screen TV, but I’m sleeping with a 55 year old woman. It seems to me that you are not holding up your side of things.”

My wife is a very reasonable woman. She told me to go out and find a hot 20 year old girl, and she would make sure that I would once again be living in a cheap apartment, no car, no money and sleeping on a sofa bed.

Aren’t older women great;  they even know how to resolve your mid-life crises….

Every year, on average:

  • 3 Aussies suffer cardiac arrest and die testing if a 9v battery works on their tongue.
  • 140 Aussies are injured in by not removing all pins from new shirts.
  • 58 Aussies are injured by using sharp knives instead of screwdrivers.
  • 5 Aussies die by watering their Christmas tree while the fairy lights are plugged in.
  • 8 Aussies get serious burns trying on a new jumper with a lit cigarette in their mouth.
  • 243 Aussies are admitted to Emergency after opening bottles of beer with their teeth.
    And finally………
  • 8 Aussies crack their skull whilst throwing up into a toilet.

Do you Know a surveyor? (Malcolm has more details)

  • John Caddy the Rotarian coordinating the Solomon Islands, Helena Goldie Hospital Project at Munda is looking for a Surveyor to travel to Munda with him to map out the site.
  • The surveyor would need to take all his/her equipment to the site.
  • John is travelling on 15/16 September and will return on 24 September 2006.
  • If you know of any surveyor who may be interested would you ask them to contact Peter Geer 08-8278 3866, 0438 500 226 or John Caddy 08-8333 3322.
  • Costs Brisbane – Munda $1070 on a special, plus accommodation
    Quote John
    “As mentioned we are looking for a surveyor that can do an engineering survey to pick up the location of buildings, underground services and contours of the hospital environs so that they can be plotted in Autocad 2000 or better.  The equipment required for speed would be a Total Station with Data Recorder if possible.”



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  1. Hans says:

    Judging from the knifepoints in our household, I think the 58 not using screwdrivers are female. Just before you call me sexist, most of the others are definitely male, especially the beer-openers!

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